Empowering futures with drones: fromĀ  companies to classrooms, revolutionizing industries, and innovating essential services with passion and ingenuity.

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  • Camps
  • Books
  • Ages 4-12

Workshops blend inspirational storytelling with hands-on STEM activities, designed to raise aspirations, foster creativity, and provide students with a glimpse into the vast opportunities available for them in STEM industries.


  • Code
  • Build & Fly
  • Ages 11-21+

Career related activities that are designed to meet the needs of every Secondary school and post 16 educational service. From drone piloting training sessions to interactive drone programming lessons, there's something for everyone!

TDR Aero

  • Innovate
  • Operate
  • Transport

Innovating to create safe, efficient methods of remote transportation and aerial operations in urban environments. The Art of the Possible.

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