Enhancing Transport Logistics with A-Typical Solutions

Revolutionising transport logistics to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance delivery speed for corrective equipment across specially selected networked sites




Drones offer an innovative solution to broader transportation challenges, and we recognise the value of integrating them with conventional methods.

A comprehensive analysis of traditional transport options, with a focus on environmental, cost, and time efficiencies  ensures that we simulate, test and utilise the best method of transport for specific scenarios, enhancing overall suitable and sustainable processes.

The Challenges

Flight logistics

Flight logistics includes all aspects of end to end logistical communication centered around the flight processes such as Airspace Management, location specific based procedures and aspects of routine on demand reports.


Navigation includes the the communication and controlling systems that facilitate route navigation as well as the software applications that facilitate the final location specific delivery provision


The Payload is the valuable element to delivery system(s). Utilising a Crash Proof Protected case, including incorprating medical regulated conditions is key to a sccesful end to end operation.


Safety is paramount. Utilising regulatory frameworks for both the delivery method of transport, and payload provided by the CAA, CQC, MHRA and HTA plays a significant part to a succesful delivery.

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Traditional vehicular Transport

Vehicular comparison highlighting suitable methods of transport.


Air Transportation

Utilisng Air Transportaton where it matters the most.


Cycling Courier

How does cycling and air transport compare in sustainability and time?

Regulation & Compliance

Uncrewed Aircraft System regulation plays a significant part in transportation, however there are other crucial compliance requirements outside of aviation such as medical regulatory bodies and associated standards that underpin a succesful medical based transport operation to ensure best posisble quality and conditions for each Payload. 

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) supported by the Department for Transport (DfT), as well as the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) supported by the Department for Health Sciences are the basis for commencing quality and feasible operations.   


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