Build a Drone program

Electronics is the foundation to everything we do in the real world. Build and test a configurable drone from parts and get airborne


Design & Build a Drone

 This activity provides the opportunity for students to unleash their creativity in building a Lego drone from various subparts, and rewarding them with a completely ‘flyable’ drone which they can easily control.

“The students particularly enjoyed ‘Build a Drone’ which brought out the creativity in them.”

Saul. E. - ACAP.

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Level 2

Learn the basics of electronics and the fundamental components of a drone. Build a configurable Lego drone and take-off in time! 45 min activity

Level 3

A more Advanced Drone with an even larger size. Pull together a more capable drone in groups of two’s and learn more advanced electronics. 2-3 Sessions 

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Level 2 – Build a drone

 Ages: 11-16 / Time: 45 mins

This activity involves pulling together a lego drone from 54 different parts, (not including the batteries). 


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Level 3 – Build a drone

Ages: 11-16 / Time: 2-4 hours

This activity involves pulling together a larger drone from 34 different parts, (not including the batteries). 


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