THE drone Rules 2022


Open Category

Select here for the most common type of operating category.

Most people in the UK will operate within this Category. Learn more about the drone rules when flying your drone.


Specific Category

Do you plan on attaining an advanced pilot certificate? Learn more about Operational Authorisations. Select here to learn more about applying and completing a UKPDRA via the CAA portal.

Certified Category

Are you operating large, or high high risk Unmanned Aircraft? If the risk is similar to manned aircraft then select here to learn more about Certification within the UK.


Operational Authorisations


An operational authorisation issued by the CAA is required for any flight within the Specific category


Each operational authorisation should proportionate to the operation and is based on the risk assessment verified by the CAA.


The GVC is a remote pilot competency certificate for VLOS operations within the Specific category.

Why Qualifications

Drone Certificates

There is one test that every drone pilot in the UK should complete before flying outdoors – The CAA ‘Theory Test’, which provides you with a flyer ID. There are also further tests which may provide you with additional permissions. Find out more below.


CAA Foundation Theory Test

Any pilot operating a drone outdoors (that is not a toy), must complete this test with a 70% score. Find out more

A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 CofC)

Pilots operating drones that weigh over 250g and close to people may be required to take an A2 CofC Test. Find out more.

General V.l.o.s. Certificate (GVC)

The operation of drones with risk greater than the Open Category, including the operation of drones over 25kg may require a GVC. Learn More.

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