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Scratch is a programming language designed to teach children and young adults the basics of coding in a fun and interactive way.

Tello Drone

Session: Code a Drone

Program your drone to autonomously take aerial photos, and race against the clock to deliver packages at checkpoints.


Session: Build a Drone

Construct and engineer a drone. Learn electronics by building your own drone project to produce a flying vehicle.

Session: Race a Drone

Try your hand at racing indoors. Compete with another drone or race against the clock on a dedicated circuit.


Educational & Engaging 

Drones are making a real difference today in Conservation, Transportation & Emergency response! The next generation of young Scientists, Engineers, Mathematicians and Technologists will be designing, building and flying these future vehicles. Join in and get started on this exciting journey.

 “We had the privilege of introducing to our students Drone Technology. Over the period of 6 weeks, we were taught on all aspects of drone science and Will from TDR will be helping everyone achieve their Flyer ID qualification. These lessons are linked into TLG’s careers curriculum and is helping our students to learn about the opportunities available to them should they wish to pursue such a career”

Gavin. B

Centre Manager, TLG


Personalised Learning

Each individual has a different way of learning. At TDR we support where possible and deliver a level of service that is tailored for various age groups, and learning abilities. Our drones  can be flown using a mouse drone pad for those with difficulty operating.

Do you have your Drone Flyer ID? You’ll likely need one to fly a drone outdoors. See the link below for the CAA foundation Test


“Activities that are not only educational or inspiring but engage students in such a way that they keep coming back for more”.



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TDR Benefits

Aptitude Development

Each workshop is designed to develop various abilities in each participant.

Hand-Eye Coordination

As part of operating a drone, each individual will develop critical thinking and spatial reasoning.

Coding Skills

Providing an engaging approach to coding autonomous AI Drones.

Communication & Reasoning

Engaging in communication while working in teams helps develop conveyance within groups.

Team Work

Collaborating develops key skill sets which will be advantageous in the work environment.

Problem Solving

Developing the ability for young people to logically problem solve, developing their reasoning.

Safety and Care

All of our class leaders are experienced skilled in working with young people. Our leaders always have an enhanced DBS check and first aid training.

All classes are fully insured and a risk assessment is carried out prior to each session.

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