Race a Drone Sessions

Try your hand at racing indoors. Compete with another drone or race against the clock on a dedicated circuit.

FPV Pilot


Pilot a Drone against the Clock

Apart from a fun and an engaging way to learn more about the mechanics of flight. Piloting or Racing a drone significantly improves hand-to-eye co-ordination and finger dexterity where digitisation, and virtual reality has an ever increasing presence in today’s world.

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Race a Drone in Virtual Reality

Pit yourself in teams and race an FPV Drone in our new Virtual Reality Simulator – The HTC Vive Pro!

Race a Real Drone around a physical track

Race a Tello, Lego or FPV style Drone around a Race Track. Choose to race against time or another pilot!


This activity involves racing drones across a circuit. Each circuit has a number barriers that will test abilities to fly over or around each barrier. 

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